Oil, minerals but where are Africa’s intellectuals?

After a long time of watching news on BBC and CNN (and Fareed Zakaria’s Global Public Square on the latter), one thing strikes you: No matter the crisis, in Africa, Middle East, Europe, or some remote corner of the world, they will always find a scholar or expert from an American, British, or a European university (or an author on the subject) to interview.

GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight:

Intellectuals, Africa – “Our situation is so bad, the last time I checked (a few days ago), there was not a single prestigious peer-reviewed pan-African journal anymore. All the better journals on Africa are produced by Western institutions and universities.

The scholars and universities can only be blamed a little. They are poorly paid in most of Africa, and in some countries they have to brew moonshine in their bathtubs or drive special hire cabs part-time to make ends meet. The primary blame is on governments, and how they use professors.  On the other hand, who has not met an American professor who was or is a consultant for the State Department, Energy Department, or Defence?  With us, a government will send troops to Somalia without consulting the leading researcher on Somalia. And if they tried, they will not find one. It’s an egg and chicken progress, yes, but if we don’t solve it, we shall never see the age of African Empire.”

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