2050: What if cities ruled the world? (World Economic Forum)

“Imagine it is 40 years in the future. Government has been decentralized to the city level. Connections between cities consolidate into mega-corridors, which span national and state borders. This is the time of the mayor, whose political star has risen. The growth in the number and size of cities means they can innovate and get things done more easily….

The growth of cities was mainly a phenomenon of the West during and after the industrial revolution. But urbanization is now predominantly a non-Western phenomenon….

Urbanization is also swelling the ranks of the middle classes, again increasingly outside the West. In short, urbanization trends shift economics, and, by association, politics to the cities….

The implications for business are also strong. Increasingly, firms will operate along mega-corridors between cities as part of global supply chains….”

Source: forumblog.org