18 Things you should never do abroad (BoredPanda.com)

We’ve all been in those awkward situations, not nothing what to do, not wanting to offend when travelling abroad.  Gulliver Globelink, compiled a list of 18 don’ts to make travelling abroad easier.

France – Don’t talk or ask about money (actually this is applicable globally).

Ukraine – Don’t give an even number of flowers.

New Zealand – Don’t honk, you will insult the locals.

India – Don’t touch the opposite sex in public.

Japan – Don’t leave tips.

Mexico – Don’t get offended at locals’ jokes.

Norway – Don’t ask about going to church.

Turkey – Don’t show the OK gesture as it is deemed very offensive.

UK – Don’t ask how much people earn (another global no-no).

Ireland – Don’t try to imitate the Irish accent.

Germany – Don’t congratulate a German on their birthday, the day before.

Kenya – Don’t call people by their name first.

Chile – Don’t eat with your hands.

Singapore – Don’t eat in public transport.

USA – Don’t forget to leave a tip.

Italy – Don’t order cappuccinos in restaurants.

Hungary – Don’t clink glasses when toasting.

China – Don’t give a clock or an umbrella as a gift.

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/traditions-customs-laws-around-the-world-traveling-advice-globelink-international/

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