Maximise a business degree by paying attention (Financial Times)

These seven simple steps will help students learn more — and possibly earn more!

Each year, millions of people study in more than 13,000 business schools. Every one of these students invests a significant amount of money, time and effort into their education and these area few simple things that students can do to help them get more out of their studies.

Sign up for challenging courses

Large US study found students who took difficult courses tend to learn more and significantly improve their basic thinking skills. Many students opt for easy courses in the hope of maximizing their grades, but the study showed that students who took easier courses often went backwards.

– Do the work

Minimizing your workload at university can decrease your earnings after graduating. One analysis found that students do not read more than 70 per cent of the texts they are assigned before a class.

– Turn up to class

Class attendance is the best predictor of student grades available. The more classes you turn up to, the higher your grade is likely to be Modern technology, especially lecture capture systems, which record classes and make them available online, has created a strong temptation to skip class.

– Choose your seat carefully

Sit next to people who are different from you. We all have a deep human need to be with similar people, but by sitting next to and talking with people who are not like us we can build richer social networks, and get access to diverse and unusual information. Meeting people who are different from you enables you to bridge “structural holes” — the gaps between different social groups.

– Put your devices away

After settling into your seat, use a pen and paper to take notes. Students who put who took notes using pen and paper performed significantly better than those who took notes on a laptop.

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