Why companies need creative leaders in the future of work (Forbes)

By Jason Wingard

In 2019, LinkeldIn named it “the most important skill in the world.” The World Economic Forum (WEF) placed it third on a list of the “10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Surprisingly, it is not data science or artificial intelligence, but something much softer: creativity.

In her book,   The Creativity Leap, Natalie Nixon defines creativity as “the ability to toggle between wonder and rigor in order to solve problems and deliver novel value.” When put that way, it is easy to see why creativity will be one of the most vital factors for success in the future of work.

Yet many leaders are failing to cultivate this essential quality — both within their own leadership and within their organizations. One study, for instance, found that 75% of adults believe they are not “living up to their creative potential” and are “under pressure to be productive rather than creative at work.” This is not the way forward into our future economy. For leaders who need convincing, here are three ways they can benefit from prioritizing creativity.

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