Top 10 emerging technologies 2020 (World Economic Forum)

The World Economic Forum has just published the report: Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2020.

Technological advances have always been key agents of change in how we work, interact and live. During the last two decades, the world has witnessed an unprecedent pace of technological innovation in all fields, from computing and artificial intelligence to biotechnology and nanotechnology. These technologies come with a potential to help us solve some of our most pressing global challenges, but also pose significant risks, if misused and mismanaged.

Every year, this publication brings together some of the world’s experts to inform decision-makers and the wider public about emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt industry and society. This gives us chance to position ourselves to best capitalize on their promises and safeguard against potential risks.

There are a lot of important global challenges, but none more pressing in 2020 than those of global health and climate change. It should come as no surprise to the reader that the majority of the technologies identified this year by the experts offer solutions to these two challenges.

The report is available from the WEF website.