Science and technology innovation outlook 2021 (OECD)

This edition focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic, which has triggered an unprecedented mobilisation of the science and innovation community. Public research agencies and organisations, private foundations and charities, and the health industry have set up an array of newly funded research initiatives worth billions of dollars in record time.

Science and technology offer the only exit strategy from COVID-19. They have played essential roles in providing a better understanding of the virus and its transmission, and in developing hundreds of candidate vaccines over a very short period. The pandemic has underscored more than in other recent crises the importance of science and innovation to both preparing for and reacting to upcoming crises.

The pandemic has also stretched research and innovation systems to their limits, revealing gaps that need filling to improve overall system resilience to future crises. It is a wake-up call that highlights the need to recalibrate STI policies so that they better orient research and innovation efforts towards sustainability, inclusivity and resiliency goals.

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