Standard Bank launches advice series for entrepreneurs (Standard Bank)

Entrepreneurship is often described as a lonely journey. At times, it might even feel overwhelming. But being receptive to advice and support from different sources, whether it be veteran entrepreneurs or industry experts, can help to avoid the challenges of going at it alone.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, just starting out as a business owner or one with years of experience under your belt, there will always be people who you may be able to learn or draw inspiration from and who could provide you with a fresh perspective that enhances your journey,” says Jenine Zachar, Head Enterprise and Direct Banking at Standard Bank. Standard Bank, which provides a diverse range of support and solutions to business owners, whether start-ups or multinationals, has made it easier for entrepreneurs to find advice from experts and hear from voices of inspiration by curating a series of masterclasses and podcasts that can be accessed at no cost via it website. Read more