New GIBS article: The potential of crowdfunding to promote business in the context of an emerging economy by Alet Erasmus, Geoffrey Tocknell and Flip Schutte

Crowdfunding has the potential to change the historic standards of the financial services industry and reduce gaps between supply and demand economics. Over the past ten years, it has received increasing attention. However, the potential that crowdfunding holds in less fortunate economic contexts where SMEs are probably needed the most has not yet attracted the attention that it deserves. Acknowledging the influence of knowledge about crowdfunding, this research explores the viability of crowdfunding as a source of capital for SMEs, in a developing country. The research aimed to determine the difference in alignment that may exist from both the perspective of the investor and entrepreneur on the most suitable type of crowdfunding and motivations for venturing into a crowdfunding initiative. Click here to read full article.