EY announces global launch of EY Nexus for financial services as part of a 3-year, US$10b investment in technology, strategy and people (EY.com)

EY today announces that it has expanded its technology ecosystem with the launch of business transformation platform, EY Nexus, which is optimized for financial services and designed for rapid deployment of new products and solutions. The launch of EY Nexus marks an important milestone, with the EY organization recently announcing combined global revenues of US$45.4b for the financial year ending June 2022. It comes as the organization continues its investment in technology, with EY Nexus playing a crucial role in solving complex client issues at speed. Demand for systems and apps that adhere to modern architecture and utilize micro services is being propelled by stagnant progress owing to cumbersome legacy systems, increasing regulatory pressure and shifting customer expectations. Click here tor read full article