Power cuts putting massive strain on agri sector, sparking concerns of food security in SA (IOL)

Ross Stratford, the director of Stratford Farms in KwaZulu Natal, recently disposed of 11 000 litres of milk at his dairy farm after it spoilt due to load shedding. He shed more light on the wider effects power cuts is having on the industry.

Without electricity, our input costs are driven up. We are forced to run our farms using generators which use fuel, an extra cost to us,” Stratford told Business Report.

“Load shedding damages our infrastructure and, in turn, claims to insurance increase, which then sees an increase in our insurance premiums. Production and quality is compromised, which will eventually be felt by consumers in the country. We are trying our very best to keep our prices the same, by cutting costs such as looking for cheaper, alternative feed for our livestock. However, we have cut costs as far as we could and now our business will suffer even further. Click here to read full article