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Facing increasing pressure from customers, some miners are switching to renewable energy (TDN)

Mining operations account for some 4%-7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to global consulting firm McKinsey & Company. But some miners are moving to reduce use of fossil fuels in extracting and refining, partly due to pressure from downstream customers that want more sustainable supply chains. Click here to read the full article

Cracking the digital-shopper genome (McKinsey&Company)

By Gadi BenMark and Maher Masri Source: McKinsey.com, August 2015 Why do online shoppers remain a mystery for companies? McKinsey brings the solution – the shopper genome – converting the vast amount of data regarding consumer behavior and desires into meaningful insights. Companies should aspire to create a complete picture of the customer across a […]
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How the ‘aspirationals’ are changing the world (World Economic Forum Blog)

“Solutions to some of our intractable global challenges could be found in 2.5 billion empowered, young and urban shoppers. These are the “aspirationals”, and the way they are uniting style and social status with sustainability values represents both an opportunity for business and a lever for change. Aspirational consumers love shopping, but they also want to […]
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