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5 Skills every employee should have or acquire ahead of 2020 (HRDailyAdvisor)

In today’s workforce, upskilling employees is necessary and unavoidable if you want your organization to remain competitive and profitable. As you upskill your own employees or begin to hire more employees, here are five skills you’ll want to make sure they have. 1. Emotional Intelligence Skills According to a Career Builder survey, 71% of employers […]
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7 ways to reignite your creative spark (Entrepreneur.com)

By John Lanyon Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244686 April 09, 2015 Call it what you like: writer’s block, mental block or artistic rut. When the creative juices have clogged, it can seem like they will never flow again. PR pros and marketers know the horrors of creative slumps, of struggling to meet deadlines in a world where maintaining […]
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How to keep your creativity flowing after vacation ends (Forbes)

Nothing jolts the brain awake as much as a change of environment, and that includes the physical space you’re in and the people you meet. New places and new people stimulate new ways of thinking. “Schedule mini brain vacations – Your brain needs a break. It also needs unfamiliar surroundings to make new connections and […]
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Does workplace competition kill women’s creativity? (Fast Company)

New research by Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, indicates that competitive workplace environments help men outperform women. Source: http://www.fastcompany.com

Pick of the Day: Best of Brazilian Creativity

See on Scoop.it – Business education @GIBS Pick of the Day: Best of Brazilian Creativity http://t.co/a7JljVNXeg ChezINFO!‘s insight: Brazil – creativity See on inside.flipboard.com

Accelerating the marriage of creativity and technology

See on Scoop.it – GIBSIccURATION The Bakery is open for business, and on the menu is direct help and support for today’s and tomorrow’s SMEs ChezINFO!‘s insight: Ack. TheGuardian/Digital Entrepreneurship hub " There are many schemes at the moment in place to incubate growing businesses and startups, and rightly so – according to the UKBI, on […]
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Coffitivity – Increase Your Creativity!

See on Scoop.it – Business education @GIBS Stream the sounds of a coffee shop at work! Coffitivity is the virtual solution to research showing moderate ambient noise helps enhance creative cognition! (It’s science: Coffee shops boost creativity. ChezINFO!‘s insight: " . . . ambient noise helps enhance creative cognition!" See on coffitivity.com

Is creativity a form of madness?

See on Scoop.it – GIBSIccURATION People have been asking my opinion on this article and the research behind it. So here it is. Creativity ‘closely entwined with mental illness’ Are creative people ‘mad’? Is creativity a ‘madness’?… ChezINFO!‘s insight: creativity, innovation See on aydinstone.wordpress.com

Moving at the Speed of Creativity

See on Scoop.it – Business education @GIBS Moving at the Speed of Creativity | Use Google to Identify Plagiarism & Teach How to Avoid Committing It http://t.co/PIr2VISCPM ChezINFO!‘s insight: Plagiarism See on http://www.speedofcreativity.org

What a Mess: Chaos and Creativity

See on Scoop.it – Business education @GIBS One of the most influential ideas about crime prevention to come out in recent years is something called the (Wray Herbert: What a Mess: Chaos and Creativity http://t.co/5ngNmtnl6d #news #books #FF)… ChezINFO!‘s insight: Chaotic insight . . . See on lawrencedelliott.sharedby.co