How to keep your creativity flowing after vacation ends (Forbes)

Nothing jolts the brain awake as much as a change of environment, and that includes the physical space you’re in and the people you meet. New places and new people stimulate new ways of thinking.

Schedule mini brain vacations – Your brain needs a break. It also needs unfamiliar surroundings to make new connections and to see the world in a different way.

Consider adopting a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) – Companies that are based on this principle measure the results of an employees’ performance while giving them the autonomy and freedom to work where they like and when they like.

Give your team opportunity to learn new things – Many companies bring in outside experts at least once a week, giving their employees an opportunity to get away from their computers for an hour or two and to kick-start their brains with new ways of thinking.

Loosen the travel budget – Sharing knowledge and good times in new or unfamiliar environments will jolt the collective creativity of the team.

Don’t over schedule off-sites – If you do plan to hold more off-site meetings or conferences, avoid over scheduling. The brain needs a break from the office. It also needs a break from endless PowerPoint meetings at an off-site.”