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World Bank awards 10 Southern African fintech start-ups $5,000 each (BL)

The move was part of a Fintech Challenge aimed at helping underserved entrepreneurs get their businesses investment ready. The World Bank has awarded 10 Southern African fintech start-ups $5,000 (R94,020) each to help bridge the gap in financial access for innovative emerging companies in underserved communities.  Click here to read the full article

481 tech startups employ 19,000, raise $2.1b in seven years (The Guardian)

 Lagos remains the hub, home to 88.4% of the startupsSome 481 technology startups were in operation across Nigeria as of September 2022, employing over 19,000 people between them. Of this, Fintech is the most populated sector, with more than one-third of the country’s tech startups active in that vertical. According to the Nigerian Startup Ecosystem […]
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New Gibs whitepaper: The Spinach King’s social enterprise scaling strategy during and post Covid-19 pandemic By Anastacia Mamabolo

Based in Gugulethu[1], Lufefe Nomjana established Espinaca[2] Innovations in 2011 anddue to the success of his enterprise, he was soon affectionally referred to as the SpinachKing. The purpose of his business venture was to raise awareness of healthy and affordablefood by offering nutritious bread and other food products made with spinach as a keyingredient. Nomjana […]
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There is nothing small about the impact small businesses have on our economy.(bizcommunity)

Small businesses and start-ups provide more than just jobs for community members. They also can improve innovation and productivity on a local level and use other businesses in the community such as accounting and IT, while larger businesses develop their own infrastructure. With more support, small businesses have the potential to breathe new life into […]
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How to avoid the top mistakes that startups make (Inc)

By Annis Uzzaman  Building a startup is a tough but rewarding journey. At each step, the startup founder needs to be careful about what he or she decides to do. Every stage of the startup journey is likely to hinge on several important decisions. These are some of the typical mistakes that entrepreneurs should be careful to […]
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Five keys to kickstarting your full enterpreneur potential (Inc)

Martin Zwilling   As a mentor to aspiring enterpreneurs, I’m always surprised by the fact that some never seem to be able to that first startup going, while many others never seem to stop, starting their second or third initiative before the first one is fully hatched.  I’m now convinced that serious entrepreneurs relish the startup process […]
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Five keys to kickstarting your full entrepreneur potential (Inc)

By Martin Zwiling Summary of key principles that you can follow to join that select realm of recognized and successful entrepreneurs: Thinking and talking won’t get you there – just do it. Starting something new is risky, no matter how many experts have reviewed it, or how much money you have. You can’t win a […]
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From warehouse to patient: mPharma’s approach to increasing the accessibility of medicines in Africa (Rising Africa)

Good news from the continent Since 2013, the startup mPharma has been trying to build an infrastructure and a drug-monitoring system to connect patients, hospitals and pharmacies. The objective is to enable doctors to know the exact location and availability of medicines in real time, and patients to have better access to medicines. mPharma is […]
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Why does Sweden produce so many startups?

By: Adam Jezard January 10, 2018 Source: https://www.weforum.org

6 funding strategies to start a business when you’re low on money (entrepreneur.com)

By Deborah Mitchell Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/242901 April 06, 2015 When I unexpectedly lost my job at CBS News five years ago, I decided to start my own business. With a few dollars saved and a 401(k), I hunkered down, hung out my shingle, and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates, LLC, was born. With a new business comes new financial responsibilities […]
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