LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace[by Diana Ellworth, Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger]

McKinsey Talks Talent podcast

How to take action to support LGBTQ+ employees—not just during Pride Month, but year-round.

During Pride Month, many large companies take the opportunity to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in myriad vital and visible ways. But creating a genuinely inclusive culture means taking year-round action—and the COVID-19 pandemic has only compounded the challenge.

Diana Ellsworth: It helps if leaders do the work to understand what inclusion is, what the experiences of different subsets of employees look like, and where these experiences are the same or different. Then you can track challenges over time—for example, the differences between the experience of your LGBTQ+ population and your straight cisgender population—and whether you’re shrinking the negative gaps. The pulse surveys taken throughout the pandemic can be useful. Data helps measure progress but also helps you take action. It lets you know in real time that certain communities may need more support.

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