How SA’s education institutions can beat the digital transformation challenge (IT WEB)

South African education has never been more pressured to perform. Digital transformation, often touted as the solution, can just as quickly become the challenge. One of the problems is that it’s an all-encompassing phrase. In the past two years it has come to symbolise distance learning, remote learning, home schooling and online education. All of that can be challenging enough on its own. But it can equally apply to office administration, examinations, marking, campus access control and more. But, because the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of many of those applications, forcing many organisations to hastily jury rig solutions, it has also come to represent exposure, risk, cyber attacks, ransomware, denial of service, non-compliance, poor customer experiences and other downsides. As soon as the data’s online, it’s at risk, and so too are the people and processes attached to the data. Click here to read full article.

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