How the Russia-Ukraine conflict could influence Africa’s food supplies (BL)

There is significant agricultural trade between countries on the continent and Russia and Ukraine. African countries imported agricultural products worth $4bn from Russia in 2020. About 90% of this was wheat, and 6% was sunflower oil. Major importing countries were Egypt, which accounted for nearly half of the imports, followed by Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Kenya and SA. Similarly, Ukraine exported $2.9bn worth of agricultural products to Africa in 2020. About 48% of this was wheat, 31% maize, and the rest included sunflower oil, barley, and soybeans. Russia and Ukraine are substantial players in the global commodities market. Russia produces about 10% of global wheat while Ukraine accounts for 4%. Combined, this is nearly the size of the EU’s total wheat production. The wheat is for domestic consumption and well as export markets. Together the two countries account for a quarter of global wheat exports. In 2020 Russia accounted for 18%, and Ukraine 8%. Click here to read full article.

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