New GIBS whitepaper: Organisational culture, frontline supervisory engagement, and accountability, as drivers of safety behavior in a platinum mining organisation by Prinsloo & Hofmeyr

Several studies have tried to identify the antecedents to safety behaviour in the mining industry. Stemn, Bofinger, Cliff and Hassall (2019) defined safety behaviour in the mining industry as a reflection of the perceptions, values, behaviours, attitudes and values concerning safety that are shared by employees. Lee and Harrison (2000) defined safety culture as the perception of risk, behaviours, values and beliefs that employees hold regarding their safety in the organisation. Organisational culture is defined as a collection of values, expectations and practices that advise and pre-empt the employees’ behaviour (Al Mazrouei, Khalid, Davidson, & Abdallah, 2019). This implies that the concept of safety behaviour cannot be researched in isolation, and consideration must be given to the organisational culture (Al Mazrouei et al., 2019). Click here to read full article

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