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Amplying personal and leadership development through group coaching [Whitepaper] (Natalie van der Veen & Alison Reid)

With the ever-expanding role of technology, an increasing focus on human-centricity and ubiquitous global influence, workplaces have become increasingly complex. Working effectively in groups will be essential to future organisational and individual success. Human beings have always survived and thrived in groups. In today’s fully globalised environment, we have seen the benefits of multiple perspectives […]
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Three stage model with 11 core: ICF coaching competencies

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5 secrets to coaching your employees to greatness (Entrepreneur)

By Renee Robertson Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/247573 June 27, 2015 No matter what role we find ourselves in — entrepreneur, executive, sales and marketing professional, to name just a few — we are in constant motion, reacting to the day’s events, feeling the pressure to perform and always thinking about results. These are not all bad behaviors to have, […]
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6 myths about empowering employees (Harvard Business Review)

By David Marquet Source: https://hbr.org   May 27, 2015 When Dr. Stephen R. Covey visited the nuclear powered submarine I commanded, the USS Santa Fe, he told me it was the “most empowering workplace he’d ever seen.” It was a bit ironic for me, because I’m sour on the word empowerment and I’m sour on empowerment […]
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Tips for coaching someone remotely

By Ed Batista Source: https://hbr.org/2015/03/tips-for-coaching-someone-remotely   March 18, 2015. Leaders are providing less explicit direction to their employees these days, and relying more on coaching as a leadership tool, as organizations become flatter and more dependent on knowledge work. But many people also manage teams that span locations and time zones, which means they must do […]
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