The truths and fictions of the Africa rising story

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GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight:

Promoting brand Africa – “Africa looms large on the radar of many multinationals because it offers greater potential than waning traditional North American and European markets. Africans need to market and brand the continent in such a way that it becomes irresistible to foreign investors.  –  With over 50 countries, hundreds of languages, many cultures and religions, Africa is so huge and so diverse, that it is hard to try and brand it as a single entity. What counts in its favour is that Africa, as an independent continent, is only 50 years old. By shaking off its colonial baggage it can brand itself afresh. So, governments must attempt to brand their countries, regions and continent as a place where stable democracy and rule of law are the order of the day, and where infrastructure development is a priority.   –   Germany – as a brand – is synonymous with efficiency and technology. Italy is synonymous with style and design excellence. Africa has a unique brand attribute that can be used to attract investors. It is a place with friendly people who want to play their part in the rising continent, where potential growth is huge. Africa abounds in opportunities in   the retailmanufacturingmineral resource, agriculture, hospitality and energy sectors. The narrative of the African rising story is constantly being rewritten and often the truth seems to be stranger than fiction. And as the story unfolds and reveals itself, the outcome seems much more positive than was previously imagined.”

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